Monday, June 18, 2012

Day of Travelling!

In a few hours, I'll be off to O'Hare to a connecting flight in San Francisco-where, unfortunately, I will not be meeting up with my brother- and then finally John Wayne Airport in Orange County, where my Aunt has generously volunteered to pick me up.

There's nothing quite as freeing as travelling alone.  When I'm strolling around the airport with my bright blue backpack strung with camp counselor landyards, beat-up dark red cowgirl boots and Northwestern sweatshirt, my mental response to anyone looking at me is: you don't know me! you don't know my life!  However, one of the great parts of the airport is that you don't have to worry about anyone looking at you, because most people are too busy either enjoying their own day of solitude, or sprinting half a mile to some other ORD terminal.

For better or for worse, I always look at a day of travel as a time to accomplish things.  So here are my


1.) keep trying to make this happen with my hair:  Fishtail Braid

2.) befriend a child in the sitting room area by making silly faces

3.) using the "reward" mentality of eating bad food, buy self Auntie Anne's pretzel

4.) Determine what I am rewarding myself for when buying Auntie Anne's pretzel
      ----> Jim Gaffigan- Cinnabon (I too, often feel this way about waiting in the Auntie Anne's line at the airport)

5.) Write an essay about food to submit to an online magazine:  the Magazine asking for submissions
                  Possible Titles:
 Fending For One's Self: Growing up in a Home Where No One Cooks
 My Mother, the Microwave, My Father, the Frozen Pizza: The Cultivation of a No-Cook Culture

6.) Finish another 30 rough draft pages of screenplay

A serious interference with the AIRPORT GOALS might be my new habit of falling asleep as soon as the plane takes off.  It may be upsetting that I don't finish everything on my list, but I consider this napping trend as a sign of my mature state of adulthood. 

What upsets me most about travelling is that my experience probably won't be as funny as any of these trips:

30 Rock

Until next time <3

P.S. So close to seeing this girl....casual identical rompers 4 years ago.  

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  1. Laura! Good luck in L.A. and awesome idea for a blog! I especially enjoyed the book titles. :D